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Free For a Limited Time: The “Amplify Yourself” Personal Branding Challenge

Free Limited Time Amplify Yourself Challenge 
My 30-day "Amplify Yourself Challenge" over at will be converted to a paid product later this month, so you only have a limited time to jump in and grab it for free.

Join us today and start Rocking Your Star Power!

If you've already joined the Challenge, make sure to tell your friends, coworkers, and employees so they can rock it with you. (There's brilliance in numbers!)

Get Credit for Your Referrals!

You can sign up for my affiliate program while the Challenge is still free, and start promoting that link. Anyone you send to the free opt-in page will be tagged with your affiliate ID, even though no purchase actually takes place. We offer Lifetime Commissions, so any other product purchases made by your referrals in the future will be credited to you, simply because you referred them to my free opt-in gift.

And once I start charging for the Challenge, that same affiliate link will automatically send your referrals to the paid product page so you can earn 50% commission on anyone who signs up for the paid version.

Learn more and sign up for my Affiliate Program here.

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