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15 Gifts to Get 2015 Off to a Stellar Start

15 Gifts to Get 2015 Off to a Stellar StartSince a lot of people don't celebrate Christmas, a "12 Days of Christmas" promotion seemed culturally insensitive. So I'm holding a "culturally-indifferent" promotion focusing on the coming new year, 2015.
For the final 15 days of this year, I'll be gifting you a different business-building tool or training program every day, but you'll only have a limited time to pick it up for free before the promotional period expires.
To kick things off, I wanted to let you know about the new website and training program I'm currently creating, called Rock Your Star Power, at
If you’re a freelancer, independent contractor, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, author, musician, craftsperson, artist, or otherwise work primarily on your own, developing your personal brand is a must.
So I'm offering the 30-day "Amplify Yourself Challenge" absolutely free for a limited time. Sign up now and receive 30 days of daily action steps and barrier busters to transform your life and business, and form the basis of your personal brand.

Why You Need to Develop Your Personal Brand

Establishing yourself as an expert in your field lends credibility to any business you may own and any product or service you may offer. Your personal brand is an asset that follows you wherever you go, to whatever business(es) you may start or purchase in the future.
Even if you don’t have your own business and never intend to start one, if you have a strong personal brand with firmly established credibility, authority, and expert status, you can pretty much write your own ticket in whatever industry you work.
Unfortunately, many people “turn down the volume” on themselves to avoid being judged, to avoid offending anyone, or to appeal to the widest possible audience. But you don’t become extraordinary by blending in.
You need to amplify yourself. Pump yourself up to superhuman proportions and shout from the rooftops every chance you get – starting with these Six Steps to a Stellar Personal Brand:
1) Believe you have something valuable to share.
You have a story to tell, a unique perspective to share with the world. You have knowledge and experience that could be of great assistance to other people who need your guidance right now.
Don’t keep these gifts to yourself!
2) Have an opinion and make it known.
You can’t change the world if you’re sitting on the fence. I’m not saying you need to have an opinion about “everything,” or that you need to shove it down people’s throats. But you should have an opinion about the things that matter to you, your customers and prospects. That's the whole point of being an expert in something!
3) Accept that you can’t please everyone.
Everyone should have an opinion about you. You need to be rubbing people. Rub like crazy! Those who feel you are rubbing them right will move in closer and nuzzle right up to you. Those who feel you are rubbing them the wrong way will leave. And that’s ok.
4) Get used to feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable.
If you try to protect yourself by putting on airs and creating a persona based on what you think other people expect of you, you’ll be miserable, unproductive, and completely unattractive to the people who are best suited to help you build your ultimate life and business.

5) Get ready to fall in love with your business again.

When you brand yourself in a way that excites you, you’ll enjoy working on your business each day. You’ll crave more opportunities to share your personal brand, and you’ll see what a powerful effect you have on other people.

6) Take the next step.

Join the 30-day “Amplify Yourself Challenge,” absolutely free for a limited time.

You’ll receive a daily message and action steps to start peeling away the layers to reveal the “ultimate you” and begin building your personal brand.

Join us now at

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More to come...

I'll be back tomorrow with your next "15 for 2015" gift.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Thanks for reading and take care!

Go Be Brilliant! -Veronica J. Kirchoff


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